Finding the right long – term partner remains as challenging as ever.
Perhaps that’s why an offline, old fashioned dating agency for gay men is doing great business.
Tim Warrington, DNA 2012


  • The key to our success is the unparalleled way we invest in our clients
  •  We work like an executive headhunting firm, but for your personal life
  •  In effect, we become your “Personal Relationship Headhunter”
  •  We meet and interview every client to understand who they are and what they’ re looking for
  •  Our highly personalised service gets to the heart of your tastes, interests, values and needs
  •  We take the guesswork out of dating by hand-selecting only those men we are confident are a good match
  •  We continuously network and recruit nationwide to build our confidential database of exceptional men
  •  The BBI team are all expert matchmakers and skilled relationship coaches
  •  What’s more, we help make the dating process fun along the way